SHIPS in BOTTLES by Michel Bardet            

Exhibitions and demonstrations

For a few years, I am doing exhibitions in the coastal cities of Brittany : Brest, Saint-Malo, Saint-Nazaire, Pornichet, Pornic, Penmarc' h, to quote only the principal ones.
These exhibitions are of an educational nature, since I explain there the techniques of building and the know-how, with the support of many photographs and a video film showing the setting under glass of the Pen Duick of Mr Tabarly.
The Brest 2000 exhibition, was the first time I carried out my settings under glass " in public and in live ". For this occasion, I had built a three-masted ship model, that I put in and out of the bottle 16 times.
I always score a big success during those demonstrations, - and paradoxically - , especially when I pull the ship out of the bottle, for this is a little bit tricky to fold the ship down inside the flask in order to remove it from the bottle.
The whole time cycle of a setting under glass with the inserting, the pulling out and the straightening up of the boat for the following demonstration, varies from 10 to 20 minutes, because each performance is a different one, and is related to my level of nervous state as well as to the flood of questions asked by the public.

Demonstration in public at Brest 2000 exhibition (the most famous international festival of sailors and marine shows and exhibitions in Europe, which takes place every 4 years.

Exhibition at the museum of Saint-Malo in November 1994,
at the time of the "Route du Rhum" race.

Exhibition at " Brest 1996 "
The models are placed in display cabinets

Exhibition at the lighthouse of Eckmühl - Penmarc' h (1997)
( for its 100th anniversary)

"Memory and knowledge" exhibition ( Saint-Nazaire - 2000 )

Explanations of the two techniques that I use. The information boards are illustrated by photographs of settings under glass.

Demontration in public (Pornic - 2001)

Exhibition at "Saint-brevin ".

Demontration in public (Saint-brevin - 2003)

Exhibition at "Le Croisic - 2005) ".

Exhibition at "Dinard - 2006".

Exhibition at "Le Croisic - 2008) ".

Exhibition at "Le Croisic - 2011) "

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